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Roundtable debate: Marketing in an age of hyper-critical users and social media

Chris Clark

"Brands are built in years, managed over quarters and destroyed in hours" - and the stakes are even higher now users are more likely to hold brands to account across social media.

Consumers and users are more emboldened today than ever before, challenging businesses who fail to meet up to expectations and/or values.

What effect is that having on business’ appetite for risk in content advertising, and how should the marketing function respond?

Chris Clark, contributing editor at HotTopics.ht and non-executive director at Aviva, chairs a roundtable with fellow marketeers Bonnie Pelosi, marketing director UK & I, EY; Belinda Rowe, global head of content practice, Publicis Media; Simonetta Rigo, SVP global brand, marketing and customer engagement, Western Union; and Jason Miller, head of content, LinkedIn sales and marketing solutions EMEA, to discuss brands’ appropriate responses.