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Why employee advocacy is marketing’s golden opportunity that isn’t being talked about enough

Chris Clark

Five marketeers from Aviva, EY, LinkedIn, Western Union and Publicis Media discuss the value of content marketing for exposure, and where employees fit into the equation.

Employee advocacy, company ambassador networks and content marketing are closely linked – and can be incredibly important for a brand’s exposure, as well as its internal culture. Are marketing teams aware of this golden opportunity?

Chris Clark, contributing editor at HotTopics.ht and non-executive director at Aviva, chairs a roundtable with fellow marketeers Bonnie Pelosi, marketing director UK & I, EY; Belinda Rowe, global head of content practice, Publicis Media; Simonetta Rigo, SVP global brand, marketing and customer engagement, Western Union; and Jason Miller, head of content, LinkedIn sales and marketing solutions EMEA, to discuss marketing’s options.