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Roundtable: What the industry gets wrong about digital transformation programs

Bianca Lopes

Digitally transforming does not simply mean automating current services or processes, it means completely changing your approach to business for the better, as these CIOs discuss.

Network Effects explores the evolution of the network, its importance in digital transformation programs and therefore the obligation of businesses and vendors to secure it.

Bianca Lopes, HotTopics.ht Contributing Editor, leads this series’ roundtable with participants: Prashaant Huria, Vice President, IT, Science & Enabling Units, AstraZeneca; Marc Mosthav, CIO Northern Europe, ATOS; Adrian Brookes, Director, Enterprise Architecture Team, Tata Communications; and Conor Whelan, Group CIO, JLT Group.

This roundtable is part of the ‘Network Effects’ series, brought to you by Tata Communications.