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The top 50 venture capital deals of July in one infographic

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The top 50 venture capital deals of July in one infographic

July saw a host of very interesting companies from around the world raise funds. The top 50 venture capital deals that month are made up of companies across various sectors of the tech industry including Marketplaces, Content Access, Location Services, and the Internet of Things, among many more.

The total raised by these 50 businesses was over $3 billion, but one company, FlipKart stands out at having raised $1 billion on its own from various firms including Accel Partners, DST Global, and GIC Special Investments.

As a point of comparison, the venture capital deals for the other 49 businesses was an average of just under $50 million, which only further accentuates how impressive FlipKart’s series G fundraising went. Based in Bangalore, India, Flipkart was founded in September 2007 by Sachin and Binny Bansal. 7 years later the e-commerce company with 10,000 employees is now one of the 10 most visited websites in India.

Within the Health Tech space, Proteus Digital Health is making waves after raising $172 million in a series G of funding. Founded in California in 2001, the company develops digital products that collect and aggregate various metrics for consumers.

While 60% of these top 50 venture capital deals were done by businesses based in North America, funding for companies based in Asia continues to gather pace as not only did India’s FlipKart raise $1 billion but nearly 20% of July’s top fundraisers are based across the continent.