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The Future of Work Episode 1: Bourne Leisure’s CIO

Peter Stojanovic
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The Future of Work Episode 1: Bourne Leisure's CIO

The future of work is once again a business-critical question. COVID-19 has been a pivotal event in reshaping not just where we work, how we work or who we work with, but what works. No team has had a larger hand in this rapid shift than the technology team. Technology leaders therefore now have the responsibility of protecting their businesses and nurturing a different company altogether through the crisis. Their priorities pre-COVID19 were to maintain a productive workforce, a secure system and an agile culture. Have those changed in the weeks since? To understand how these technology leaders are leading in a time of crisis we committed to asking them.

In our first episode of The Future of Work Series, in partnership with Okta, HotTopics.ht interviewed Guy Mason, Bourne Leisure Group’s CIO. He charts the transformation of one of the UK’s most prominent players in the holiday and hospitality industry, as the Group currently holds well-known brands such as Butlins, Warner Leisure Hotels and Haven Holidays in its portfolio.