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One Leader At A Time: Georgina Owens

A Leader At A Time: Georgina Owen A Leader At A Time: Georgina Owen

Our Head of Digital and Community Julia Smith in interview with DAZN's SVP IT Georgina Owens.

Georgina Owens has held global leadership roles in large organizations across multiple sectors. She has a reputation for tackling large scale challenges and being capable of making intelligent sense out of chaotic and poorly managed IT capabilities. Now SVP IT at DAZN, the sports media company is an industry award winner appearing in the 2019 UK 100 CIO list, contributor to published white papers and now regularly sought after speaker on Digital Leadership and Transformation. 

Julia Smith: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your hobbies, and your aspirations.

Georgina Owens: I am an amateur artist and love painting large colourful canvases. I really enjoy travelling with my family and visiting new places. I think that as I spent ten years of my early life in Africa (Zambia and South Africa) it has made me want to see more and more of the world. I don’t really have dislikes probably because I am an eternal optimist!

JS: As an accomplished technology leader, what has the pandemic brought to the fore in your sector?

GO: How important live sport is to everyone! Not only is it critical to our product but the impact on friends and families has been huge. Sport brings people together in many, many ways and is critical to people’s lives and well-being so we are all thrilled to see it returning.

JS: Looking to the future, what new technologies are you most excited about?

GO: It would have to be collaboration technologies. As we will be looking at a new normal with many people not returning back to offices five days a week I am expecting new and innovative ways for people to collaborate, and cannot wait to see holographic meetings and much slicker interactive working solutions.

JS: What leadership qualities do you value most?

GO: Transparency and honesty are very high on the list. Emotional intelligence and empathy are rare qualities in leaders and crucial in today’s new world so I would like to see a big emphasis on improving these skills.

JS: What leadership book  would you recommend most to other leaders?

GO: I don’t really go big on leadership books… I love watching TED talks and reading articles on LinkedIn but get most of my inspiration talking to other leaders and sharing experiences.