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One Leader At A Time: Tricia Stinton

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Our Head of Digital and Community Julia Smith in interview with Cognizant's Sr Director, Head of Field Marketing UK&I, Tricia Stinton

Tricia Stinton is Cognizant’s Senior Director, Head of Field Marketing UK&I. Since joining Cognizant, Tricia has transformed the field marketing function from a transactional, event-based marketing with limited metrics, to a team which has a greater focus on ROI and result-driven integrated marketing and ABM. Tricia operates with agility and speed and continuously challenges her team and the business to drive relevant, client-oriented marketing programs that deliver value for the business. In this interview we get to know Tricia as a marketer as well as a mother and an avid Netflix binge-watcher.

Julia Smith: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your hobbies, your aspirations.

Tricia Stinton: I am the UK and Ireland head of field marketing for Cognizant. I am married with a 9-year-old son who increasingly seems like a teenager! We live in Surrey which is also where I grew up. I always imagined that I would spend adult life elsewhere but I do love living there. I love to read although I no longer read as much as I did pre-motherhood. I also love to play tennis. I am still a novice and my son is already technically better than me! I aspire to be a cross between Mary Berry and Prue Leith but I am very aware of my limitations!


JS: How have your function and field marketing changed as the result of the pandemic?

TS: The pandemic has impacted marketers in some very obvious ways. We are no longer able to connect with our audience through physical means and the ability to build relationships in a very personal way is now much more difficult. In the immediate aftermath marketers pivoted to virtual events and to an extent there is now some fatigue in this regard. The challenge therefore is to cut through the noise, to be relevant and to engage in a way that is personal despite the lack of physical connection.


JS: As a successful marketing leader who has worked for influential brands such as VeriSign, Accenture, and Cognizant, what advice do you have for younger generations aspiring to become marketing leaders?

TS: I think the most important thing for marketers of any age is to stay current and relevant and to deliver value to their business and their audience. Whether B2B or B2C, the key is relationship and empathy and through this having an understanding of buyer behaviours and habits and how they evolve. That is particularly important in the current time.


JS: For far too long marketing has been profit-driven and has propagated dangerous and exclusive ideologies. What can marketing leaders do to create equality and social justice?

TS: Increasingly we are living in a world where people prize trust, ethics, authenticity and integrity. I believe that marketers and organisations as a whole need to reflect these values not just in their marketing campaigns but also in how they operate internally.


JS: Any  you’d like to recommend to HotTopics.ht’s community?

During lockdown I introduced my husband to a couple of my favourite TV Series, Line of Duty and Peaky Blinders and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them again. During the summer holidays I also binged-watched (for the 2nd time round) The Fall and would highly recommend all 3 programmes.