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Adapt to Innovate Roundtable

Peter Stojanovic

A globally disruptive year has meant adaptation is the most important attribute for a business today. How can technology leaders ensure adaptability is ingrained in their firms?

Join Peter Stojanovic, Editor of HotTopics.ht, as he moderates a virtual roundtable among technology leaders from across Europe to understand the components behind adaptability, why it is a virtue that all companies should pursue and how these leaders plan on instilling adaptability into their businesses.

Joanna Drake, CIO, The Hut Group, Philip Clayson, CIO, formerly SSE Energy, Amitabh Apte, CIO, Mars Pet Nutrition Business and Prakash Vyas, Senior Director, Global Sales Acceleration, OutSystems, will come together to debate the nuances of the most smartest ways to innovate.

This roundtable is brought to you in partnership with OutSystems.