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HotTopics.ht sets out to source and celebrate the top 100 B2B marketing leaders in technology in 2021, as voted by our global community and curated by our official judges.



In HotTopics.ht’s tenth year of connecting business leaders we are setting out to define, uncover and celebrate the top 100 B2B marketing leaders in technology in 2021, and we need your help.

Historically, B2B marketing leaders receive limited recognition for their efforts compared to their consumer peers and HotTopics.ht has always sought to address this imbalance by showcasing their innovation and hard work within these lists—but they require your nomination to ensure they are recognized.

We’ll collect your nominations and pass them over to our official judges, marketing heavyweights in their own right who will be formally announced very soon, who will have the last vote on the final 100.

The judges and HotTopics.ht are looking for your nominations who fit the following criteria:

  • Currently leading a team within a B2B marketing organization within the technology sector;
  • Been trailblazers in the use of new technologies to drive innovation within the marketing function;
  • Been an ambassador for the B2B marketing community inside and outside of their own organization;
  • Harnessed data and insight for business growth and marketing performance;
  • Demonstrated empathy and transformational leadership during these extraordinary times.

B2B marketing leaders have seen their stock rise steadily over the last five years and the global pandemic has tested their resolve and ingenuity like never before. As they help steer their brands through uncharted territories, they are still required to nurture vital relationships with clients and suppliers, building productive partnerships for the benefit of the wider business. That influence means this increasingly important member of the executive team, core to the development of the business, requires equal parts scrutiny and celebration. 

Following the nomination process and publication of the final 100, the successful B2B marketers will be invited to a thought leadership event, The Studio @ Home: Marketing Leaders, for an exclusive day of executive networking, roundtable debates and thought leadership, to share insights and innovation with their peers in an invite-only setting.

Nominate your marketing leaders now.