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Real Time Modernization of Legacy Applications

Mark Chillingworth

This technical discussion enquires on the speed organizations may find by modernizing legacy applications in real time and the qualities we should seek from our platforms.

The question of legacy applications is one of the first challenges a CIO is asked to tackle—but modern advancements can help enormously. What technology do you require? How do you prioritize which legacy systems you modernize? And what do CIOs and technology leaders want from partners and vendors to help them fully activate the benefits of modernization?

Mark Chillingworth, Technology Journalist and Editor, moderates the debates between Prakash Vyas, Senior Director, Global GTM, OutSystems; Rachel Scully; Manager Geosigns Deployment and Support, Shell; Nick Reeks; IT Director, Vendor Management, Tata Steel; Gregory Morely; Group CIO, United Living Group Ltd; Julie Pierce; Director, Food Standards Agency. In partnership with OutSystems.