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Future of Partnerships

Mark Chillingworth

The future of business would be nothing without understanding the relationships that underpin our working world.

Partnerships—vendors, partners, even supply chains—within the industry have had a restructuring of late. Technology leaders, braced with the sea change of 2020, reframed their partnerships to counter the challenges of a global pandemic—and they won’t go back to what they had before. And in a restructuring environment, it’s important to debate what is lost as well is what could be gained.

Mark Chillingworth, Technology Journalist and Editor, moderates a discussion that focuses on how the pandemic upended technology and vendor relationships and what it takes to curate a truly valuable trusted partnership today. Johan Arts, SVP Sales, Equinix; Paul Coby, CIO, Johnson Matthey; Hernando Celada, CIO, ChenMed, compare and contrast their relationships. In partnership with Equinix.