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Cloud Solutions: Migration, Automation and Legacy Infrastructures


How are technology leaders reinventing their businesses in the cloud and what should businesses prioritize in the ever evolving space: automation, further migration or data?

Speakers Ian Sheen, EMEA Consulting Lead: Strategy, Transformation and Cloud Services, Telstra Purple; Nick Giannakakis, CIO, Motor Oil; Mudassar op Ulhaq, Chief Information Officer, Waverton Investment Management; John O’Donovan, CTO, Allen & Overy, compare and contrast their own journeys to understand what model the market rewards. In partnership with Telstra Purple.

Telstra Purple is a global professional and managed services business in Australia, UK and Asia and brings together people and innovative solutions to define and deliver a clear vision of our customers’ transformation journey, network foundation, and the protection they need to thrive. Our global team of over 1,500 experts consult on, deliver and manage leading-edge technology and transformative experiences.