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Security Automation and the CISO


How is automation reconfiguring detection and response practices, and what critical things should the C-Suite understand about the CISO’s needs today? 

With the wealth of emerging technologies flooding the market, security leaders have been some of the most keen to explore how these can further protect their teams and businesses. But malevolent agents have access to the same technology, and the security space race has notched a faster pace as machine learning algorithms, for example, both offer solutions and challenges to the CISO.

Watch this roundtable discussion featuring Sukhvinder Paul, Head of EMEA Security, Verizon; Mansi Thapar, CISO, Jaquar Group; Pawan Chawla, CISO, Future Generali India Life Insurance; Vukosi Sambo, Head of Data Solutions, Medscheme Holdings, to understand the lessons they have learned after 12 months of industry-wide ‘crisis’ mode. In partnership with Verizon.