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There’s easier ways to make money, but there’s no easier way to change the world


Launching your own startup is hard work. Fact. But here’s why it will also be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life and that of everyone around you.

Working in a dynamic market, like technology, is exciting for any entrepreneur. You have an opportunity to change the world. The chance to innovate is constantly developing.

Mightybell CEO, Gina Bianchini believes that to launch a successful startup you need to have clear passions and stamina to achieve  your mission. “There are much easier ways to make money than starting a company, but there are no easier ways to change the world.”

In the beginning, deciding on who you build a co-founder relationship with is key, according to Bianchini, “do you solve problems the same way, do you fight the same way, do you align the same way?”

One of the mistakes that occur is that a lot of startups begin with a CEO and a CFO. However, Bianchini’s experiences have told her that in a dynamic market you need a strong technical co-founder to build a relationship with, rather than a CFO. “You’re looking for how you resolve conflict, how do you think about fairness, how you think about the values you are putting forth. Those are the things I have found to be the most important when choosing a co-founder.”

As a CEO and a founder, every day is different. You define how you spend the day, how it it impacts the team and what can be achieved. Here, Bianchini relies on being very disciplined on what and where she spends her time and then, at the end of the day, reflecting on what worked and how she can do better the next. “Doing that in very quick succession is very important.”

Bianchini has benefitted from the value of the community of Silicon Valley’s dynamic market, particularly when developing and growing the business, “helping other people makes me better…It’s not just about what we’re doing in Mightybell but also learning from other people in startups and helping them out from my expertise. It’s what creates the ecosystem here (Silicon Valley) so powerful.”