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“Workplace diversity should reflect broader society”


Workplace diversity is a topic that increasingly pervades business discussion, particularly within the tech industry. So much so that we decided to dedicate a panel discussion to the subject at Hot Topics London.

Tim Griffin, CEO of Dell UK, was the sole male voice in a panel otherwise populated by women and he made his views on the topic of workplace diversity clear. “Society is diverse and so it’s important that we reflect wider society within our organization.”

Griffin explains that the company invests in various activities to encourage workplace diversity including the creation of employee resource groups that engage female talent with a goal of “creating a stronger decision making unit that reflects society more broadly.”

Raising the level of consciousness around diversity within the company is crucial to bringing about positive change and Griffin explains that one way Dell do this is to implement recruitment policies “that force a diverse pool of candidates that we get to interview.”

In response to a question around how it is possible to tackle diversity, if not enough minorities are applying for jobs in technology, Griffin is bullish. “I think you have to look upstream…that means engaging with government, engaging with schools and really trying to generate an interest in the industry from the earliest possible stages of people’s education.

Griffin suggests that workplace diversity can create conflicts and tension within teams but he believes that is a positive impact. “If you have everybody agreeing you get ‘group think’ and thus worse decision-making.

Tim’s comments came in a one on one interview, following his participation in the diversity panel at Hot Topics London in November. The panel session also included Kathryn Parsons, CEO of Decoded, Alex Depledge, CEO of Hassle, Annelies Van Den Belt, CEO of DC Thomson Family History and was moderated by Nikki Watkins of European Leaders.

To hear more of Tim’s views, watch the video above.