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Scandinavia and Internet of Things: 10 companies to watch

Nordic Internet of Things companies Nordic Internet of Things companies
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Les Haines

Scandinavia and innovative technology have a long history, but IoT is its future...

These ten corporates, platforms and startups are all developing technologies and services worldwide to facilitate the arrival of the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Scandinavia – Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark – has always been quick to adopt new technologies and this sector is no exception. According to Machina Research, Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia are world leaders in internet based machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity; the number of connected things surpassed the total population of the Nordic peninsula early last year.

By 2017, Scandinavia will have 2.6 Connected Things per person. This is down to their excellent internet infrastructure, stable regulatory environment and a keen population; a perfect environment for IoT to blossom. Nordic Internet of Things companies are driving this sectors innovation at home and abroad and should definitely be on your radar – if they’re not already:

yanzi-networks-logoYanzi Networks – Sweden
The Yanzi network is a software platform that was built to enhance the IoT’s efficiency. One of Intel’s IoT labs, Yanzi’s new product will provide cloud-based monitoring of video cameras, temperature and humidity sensors, energy monitors and other data points using a plug and play interface. Last year, Yanzi won second prize at the IPSO Internet-of-Things Challenge Competition 2014 – one of the largest of its kind in the world.


ericssonEricsson – Sweden
The Swedish multinational provider of communications technology and services, as world leader in its field, needs little introduction. Some 40 per cent of global mobile traffic run through Ericsson networks subscribed with over 2 billion users, and the company have been smart enough to recognise IoT as the future for its products and consumers for some time now. It has included “Networked Society” as one its core directives to align with IoT thinking; all in order to benefit its subscribers. Ericsson aims to connect 50 billion devices by 2020 and they even host their own annual, invite-only IoT Conference in Sweden.


thingsquareThingsquare – Sweden
The start-up Thingsquare is an IoT pioneer. Its software platform allows you to connect all your products with smartphones wirelessly – although still in beta form, a public version will be available soon. Components of the Thingsquare system have been used in a variety of connected products, even before the system was complete: thermostats, industrial sensors, office environment sensors, street lights, light bulbs, and more. It also launched the world’s first IoT professional training program in 2013.


BaseNBaseN – Finland
BaseN, founded in 2001, provides new ways to capture, process, visualize and control enormous amounts of data, Big Data, in real-time – which can help businesses in various industries improve what they do, and how they do it. The BaseN Platform is a highly scalable and easily distributed IoT platform, enabling required scalability for hosting millions of things. BaseN was featured in CIO Review magazine list of 50 most promising IoT companies at the end of last year.


logoImagimob – Sweden
Nordic Internet of Things companies do not come more now than this. Imagimob labs is an innovation company, specializing in AI (Artificial Intelligence) based sensor software that accurately tracks the activities and micro-movements of individuals. They specialize in sensor software for embedded, wearable and mobile devices and offer software products for torso body tracking, surround sensing and, of course, IoT. Imagimob was nominated to the 2014 “Guldmobilen” award for best IoT Innovation and was one of 11 finalists in the European-wide 2014 EIT ICT IoT Idea Challenge.


Cyberlightning-Logo-Landscape-140128-Uusi-e1398866908607CyberLightning – Finland
The Finnish born Cyberlightning started out in 2010 as a research project at the Center for Internet Excellence at the University of Oulu in Finland. It is now a leading 3D Internet Company with next generation controlling and monitoring solutions for the IoT networks in a ‘Smart’ city context at the industrial scale. At the moment they are developing real and virtual world integration for the European Union’s service portfolio and at the same time enabling IoT networks to be controllable via mobile devices. Their future proof, open source and open standards based technologies enable efficient big data manipulation in auto-generated 3D models. They raised $4.2m in their first round funding in summer last year from Tekes and Inventure.


watty0Watty – Sweden
Watty was a finalist in the IoT Innovation category of the Swedish Mobile Gala 2014 and out of the Nordic Internet of Things companies, it alone was recognised for its technological innovation in the sector for application, user and market strategies. It sells itself as the next generation Energy Management product; allowing you to understand, change and improve your household energy consumption using Machine Learning-algorithms on your mobile. It’s installation product NILS just needs its “eye” slotted on the electricity meter – no electrician needed.


97b8e62f856f46e8_orgConnode – Sweden
Also nominated in the IoT category of the Swedish Mobile Gala awards, Connode is a leading provider of wireless mesh communications who have now branched into IoT territory, using its unique position in the Smart Metering Market. They are globally recognised in wireless communications and their European IoT Smart Meter market will only grow now they have been chosen with Telefonica to provide services and communications across the parts of the UK, involving the roll out of 53m gas and electricity meters across the UK by 2020.

springworks-ioe2014-1-638Springworks – Sweden
Springworks wants to be known for its machine-to-human connectivity (M2H) – an amalgamation and refinement of machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT technology – and so puts the consumer at the centre of its models. Springworks is formed of a group of experienced engineers within a number of fields sharing a way of thinking about problem-solving, technology, learning and cooperation. It has strong experience with the gaming and automotive industries since 2010 and is one of the leading companies in interactive and sustainable driving experiences and is recognised as one of Sweden’s hottest Internet companies right now.


Nordic_Semiconductor_logoNordic (Semiconductor) – Norway
Nordic specializes in ultra-low-power wireless and connectivity devices for the 2.4 GHz ISM band, with ultra-low power performance and cost being the main focus areas. Their end-user apps include intelligent sports equipment, wireless voice and audio systems and consumer electronics. Known for their quality and performance in developer circles, it is particularly recommended for its Bluetooth applications. Late last year, Apple was promoting iBeacon, a Bluetooth based communications technology, and Nordic is sure to benefit when that and similar IoT technologies mature.