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Top 10 AdTech startups: NY is driving this innovation, is China catching up?

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Kurtis Garbutt

Today the United States and particularly New York is driving AdTech innovation, but how long can that last? China is quickly catching up...

You’re probably not surprised to find out that of the top 10 AdTech startups that raised the most investment in 2014, five of them are based in New York. But, you may be surprised to find out that none are based in Europe and that two are based in China, including the one that raised the most capital last year, Beijing Feixiangren Information Technology.

Founded in Beijing, this startup is quickly rising to become a leader among AdTech startups. In 2014 the company raised $200m in investment. Beijing Feixiangren Information Technology is focused on the curated web aspect of advertising technology, mainly through it’s platform called Ganji.com.

Rounding up the top three AdTech startups are two New York based companies, MediaMath, which received $176m, and AppNexus, which received $110m, in 2014 and are both directly competing with each other. These two companies are focused on delivering unique solutions for businesses to better manage their online advertising.

San Francisco is the home for two of these top 10 AdTech startups, AdRoll and Sharethrough. Founded in 2007, the former recently raised $70m in a Series C funding round and is the global leader in retargeting as it works with more than 15,000 active advertisers around the world today. The latter was founded a year later and is focused on delivering in-feed and native advertising solutions for publishers.

Joining these businesses are three other companies based in the United States (one in Georgia, and three more in New York). It’s clear that as far as 2014 was concerned, it’s American AdTech startups that led the way in terms of the funding received. The question is how long that can last, particularly as investment across Asia soares and 2014 already saw two Chinese AdTech startups make the list with one leading it.