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10 enterprise technology startups you should keep an eye on

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In 2014, the enterprise tech startups that raised the most investment came from different parts of the world and are driving innovation in a variety of fields.

Top 10 Enterprise Companies

From air traffic control management, to smart windows, and an innovative private aviation company, a very diverse and global group of companies makes up the top 10 enterprise technology startups of 2014.

In contrast to most verticals within the technology industry which are primarily clustered around one corner of the world, like AdTech in New York, based on this list of the top 10 enterprise technology startups that raised the most capital in 2014, this vertical is truly global as 5 distinct countries made the list.

Though the United States is the home of 6 of these businesses, only 1 comes from California, View Dynamic Glass. This startup is unique as it develops windows that not only change tint automatically based on the sunlight it’s exposed to, but that can also be control via your smartphone.

The remaining 5 American enterprise technology startups are Aieron, based in Virginia, Venture Global LNG in Washington D.C., Odyssey Logistics & Technology in Connecticut and AppNexus and Wheels Up Partners, both in New York. The latter of the 2 that are based in New York is an innovative private aviation business that is redefining private air travel for both individuals and businesses. To further their aim, in 2014 they secured investment of $100m in and a growing list of high profile customers like Erin Andrews and Kirk Herbstreit.

On the international front, Russia, China, South Korea and Israel made it on the list thanks to each of these enterprise technology startups, Cotton Way, eHi Auto Services, Yello Mobile, and ironSource.

Combined, these 4 businesses raised more than $400m in investment last year. It’s worth noting that the Shanghai based eHi Auto Services had its IPO in November of last year.

A standout of these 4 non-American enterprise technology startups is probably Yello Mobile which founded only in 2012, already counts more than 74 acquisitions of mobile applications, of which 61 were just in 2014. According to a recent article, Yello Mobile shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

It’s an exciting time to be one of the top enterprise technology startups as large corporates around the world need to be innovative or have access to innovative services in order to stay ahead and survive and these are some of the businesses that make that available.