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Ranked: The 25 most active investors in tech in 2014

top tech investors top tech investors

If you’re a startup looking for investment, this is an infographic you should check out. Here are the top 25 investors in tech around the world ranked by their activity in 2014.

2014 was a big year for investment in tech companies as the amount of capital invested in technology companies is up by 90% compared to 2013. The 25 top tech investors were responsible for 41% of all the venture capital invested that year. These 25 top tech investors, ranked according to the total amount of funds they invested, is, perhaps not surprisingly, not a very diverse group of firms.

At first glance, anyone who knows these top tech investors will immediately notice that they are nearly all based in the United States (though some do have offices in other countries as well). In fact, of these 25 top tech investors only 1 is originally based in Europe, Index Ventures, which was founded in Geneva 19 years ago, though they also opened an office in San Francisco in 2012.

Index Ventures makes the list through its 39 investment deals that totalled just over $1bn invested, which is just under the average invested by these top tech investors, standing at just under $1.5bn. This firm’s portfolio includes tech stars such as Flipboard, Etsy, and Just Eat.

Sequoia Capital leads these top tech investors by a clear margin as it invested a mammoth $3.2bn in 2014 through 68 deals. This firm is known for its successful investments in companies like PayPal, Google, and LinkedIn and its current portfolio includes high growth startups like Square, AirBnB, and Evernote.

There are also a few private equity firms among this list of top tech investors, though the majority are overwhelmingly venture capital firms. These include T. Roe Price, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, MSD Capital, and Dragoneer Investment Group, which each secured 9, 4, 3, and 5 deals, respectively. These are firms that typically make large investments but for businesses that are in later stages.

If there’s anything that this list of top tech investors highlights is the continued dominance of American investment firms within the industry. As investment around the world, particularly in Asia, continues to grow it’ll be interesting to see whether this list becomes more international by the end of 2015.