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Who we are

Hot Topics’ mission is to extract insight from some of the most closely guarded places on earth: The brains of C-Suite executives.

We’ve come to realize the power of personal narrative as a means of advancing our mission. After all, organizations are collections of individuals. How do their individual experiences influence the business decisions they make?

Often it’s what occurs outside of boardrooms that can have the most influence.

The Team

  • Amedeo d'Amore

    Head of Product

    I fell in love with tech while I was at Google and with startups while at PeerIndex & HealthUnlocked. Now at Hot Topics, I'm passionate about everything digital, particularly building great products and sharing those products with everyone.

  • Deanna Watkins

    Head of Design

    Deanna is the Head of Design and provides creative vision across the whole business. She contributes to the brand definition and ensures that it is appropriately interpreted through the team’s work.

  • Jack Hershman

    Deputy Editor

    Jack is Deputy Editor at Hot Topics, where he oversees editorial content on all platforms, including our magazines and Hottopics.ht. You’ll find him searching for whatever he recently misplaced.

  • Jack Meacher

    Film Production Manager

    As our Film production Manager Jack is in charge of shooting and editing our video content. He’s the creative brain that drives much of what you see on the site. He really likes cameras.

  • Jim Spanfeller


    Prior to leading the digital publishing company, Spanfeller Media Group, Jim served as president and CEO of Forbes.com and publisher of Inc. Magazine. Jim is currently treasurer of the Online Publisher’s Association (OPA) and is a former Chairman of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). He also sits on the boards of Freedom Communications Inc., Ziff Davis Enterprise Group, Modern Luxury Inc., We Are Family Foundation and the ABM (American Business Media Association).

  • Josh Dudack

    Community Manager

    Josh is responsible for looking after our client accounts. As part of that, he also helps manage our wider community of some of business’ most senior thought leaders as they prepare their contributions to our various thought leadership series.

  • Kevin Eyres

    Advisory Board Member

    Kevin has been responsible for the International operations of three Silicon Valley companies (AltaVista, SideStep and LinkedIn) during his 13 years in Europe. Kevin is currently leading the international expansion, from the UK to the US, for Apps for Good, a social enterprise focused on changing the way young people are exposed to and learn about technology. Kevin has been the lead trustee for the UK based charity since 2010. Kevin is also an active angle investor as well as advisor to companies who are in hyper-growth and/or expanding internationally.

  • Philip Randerson

    Founder & CEO

    Philip’s passion lies in bringing together the world’s innovation leaders to collaborate and share their insight about tomorrows innovation today. This led to him creating Hot Topics that leveraged his network as a tech headhunter to create this platform to connect and share thought leadership. In April 2013, recognised as one of top 40 executives under 40 in tech as nominated and voted by the readers of GTB magazine.

  • Sophie Stroud

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Sophie is responsible for our social media and digital marketing comms, from creating content to growing our online community. A big fan of tech and cats.

  • Tom Lytton-Dickie

    Founding Editor

    Tom Lytton-Dickie is the founding Editor of Hot Topics. Since the launching of the website, he has interviewed over 300 of the leading figures in the global technology industry. Tom is now responsible for shaping the editorial themes and engaging with the community of thought leaders. He also contributes to setting the agenda for the global Hot Topics events, setting panel themes and selecting industry heavyweights as panelists.