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Debu Purkayastha

Debu Purkayastha

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Octopus Investments

Debu joined Octopus in February 2014 as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence following six years at Google, where he held senior roles globally in its M&A, Investments and New Business Development teams.

As Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Debu will be working with the Ventures team at Octopus to identify new investment opportunities and support the entrepreneurs and management teams in the portfolio to help them develop and realise the full growth potential of their businesses.

Debu has over 20 years of experience and has worked internationally across three different continents. At Google, initially as Principal of Corporate Development, Debu spearheaded its global M&A and investment efforts with transformative acquisitions such as ITA Software, Phonetic Arts, Green Parrot Pictures, Gizmo5 etc. Debu then went on to become Principal of New Business Development, with a wide mandate spanning the range of Google’s product portfolio globally – for example, he was closely involved with Google’s Travel and Finance search products since their inception.