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Boris Bogatin

Boris Bogatin

Lumia Capital, Partner

Boris runs Hilltop Management, focusing on investing in and advising opportunities across a range of wireless, mobile, and cloud market areas of focus. Boris spends time both as a special advisor to a leading private equity fund focused on the TMT markets and as an Operating Partner at Lumia Capital, a late stage venture capital fund.
Previously, Boris was an entrepreneur and operator, most notably having helped start MSV in 2001 and as the Vice President of Corporate Development and Technology Strategy having helped grow it into two multi-billion, U.S.-wide, 4G wireless carriers, one of which is now LightSquared (MSV renamed) through Harbinger Capital’s acquisition in 2010 and another of which forming the baseline of Dish Networks’ wireless business through their acquisition of Terrestar in 2011 (a spin-out of MSV).
Boris also founded NearVerse in 2009 to develop the NearCloud tech platform, unifying device-to-device and 3G / 4G wireless networking into a single system for 5-10x faster wireless Internet delivery and 5-10x more accurate location ID service, and LoKast as a mobile, proximity-based, real-time social app service. Boris also previously helped grow Cidera, the first streaming media content distribution network with $137 million in funding, worked at PRTM (now PWC) as a strategy consultant to companies including Navipath, InfoLibria, BCE Emergis and helped start PRTM’s emerging businesses’ group, and spent a bit of time in private equity and investment banking.
Boris graduated from the Management & Technology Program at the University of Pennsylvania, with finance and operations management degrees from the Wharton School and a systems engineering degree from the School of Engineering and Applied Science.