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Gordon Hamilton

Gordon Hamilton

Partner, Cavendish Corporate Finance

Gordon joined Cavendish Corporate Finance in 2009 to lead coverage of the healthcare sector. Gordon has sixteen years’ experience of advising healthcare companies, both public and private, on a range of transactions and financial products. Since working with Cavendish, Gordon has completed many deals such as the sale of Barbican Dental Care to Bupa, the sale of leading thermo logistics firm Polar Speed to UPS and the sale of Kent Pharmaceuticals to DCC Plc.


Gordon led the life science team at Deloitte Corporate Finance and Healthcare team at ING prior to joining Cavendish. Gordon also spent five years in Citigroup’s healthcare team working in both New York and London, before which he qualified as an ACA with Arthur Andersen, where he worked in the Healthcare Corporate Finance team in both London and New York. Gordon studied Pharmacology at the University of Aberdeen followed by a PhD in Pharmacology at Cambridge University.