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Helena Norrman

Helena Norrman

CMO, Ericsson
A member of Ericsson’s Executive Leadership Team, Helena Norrman heads Ericsson’s global communications operation. She began her career at Ericsson working with media relations in 1998 and has headed up communications within sales and marketing, global internal communications, brand management and global marketing communications. During the years 2006-2008 Norrman held the position as head of Internal Communications, Group Functions Communications. In 2008 she added Marketing Communications to her list of responsibilities and in May 2011 Norrman was promoted to Senior Vice President of Communications and Chief Communications Officer at Ericsson. Effective November 1, 2014, Norrman is promoted to Chief Marketing and Communications Officer and Senior Vice President Marketing & Communications, taking on the formation of a new and stronger Marketing and Communications function on the Group level to drive scale, simplicity and speed throughout the marketing and communications operations.