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Rod Banner

Rod Banner

Agent of Change, 3LA

Passionate, gregarious and contemporary, Rod has lived his commercial life in a mashup of technology and marketing. Rod’s love of technology inspired him to start a marketing services frm (Banner) to help translate the complexity of the tech sector into the language of the consumer. The company grew up with the internet and was responsible for European launches of Cisco, RIM (BlackBerry) Sony VA10 and many others. It worked with almost all the top tech brands in the world becoming Europe’s biggest B2B agency. In 2009, Rod lef the company afer selling it to WPP. Slightly enriched by the experience, he became a MadTech angel investor and has since lapped up various consulting, advisory and mentoring roles. Rod’s new project is 3LA. Part consultancy and part community, the business is designed to provide strategic marketing thinking in a world of massive change. 3LA helps marketers uncover new marketing opportunities in order to leapfrog their competition. In 2014 Rod made it into the TechCity Insider 100 list and the 2014/15 Fresh Business Thinking Power 100. So far in 2015 he has been chosen as one of The Maserati 100 – A list of UK-based entrepreneurs who are giving back to the next generation. He is also Chairman of two wonderful startups – Wyrd and Rezonence.