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Past event

  • Barcelona 2013

    A panel of seasoned TMT investors debate and discuss the hottest developments in the industry.

Panel 1

Topic: Local commerce - Time for some disruptive deals

Local marketing is ripe for disruption. Most consumers in Europe, the U.S. and other developed markets now carry a smartphone, enabling them to compare prices, search online, seek out deals and communicate with friends on the move. That puts the hundreds of billions of dollars local merchants spend on marketing in play. Major Internet companies, telcos, banks and payment networks are forming alliances to try and carve out a piece of the action. So how will smartphone-wielding consumers choose one restaurant or store over another? And which mobile commerce platforms and services are best placed to influence these decisions?


Panel 2

Topic: Red Hot Topics - Incisive insights on major tech news

A panel of seasoned investors will discuss and debate the very latest developments in the technology, media and telecoms industry. They’ll look to answer questions such as:

- How will the big news stories coming out of the major industry events in January and February impact TMT?
- What will be the fastest-growing tech sectors this year and next?
- Where is the smart money going in TMT?
- Which start-ups could be the next Google, Facebook, Skype or WhatsApp?