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Past event

  • Re-inventing accounting, with Xero’s UK Managing Director

    Gary Turner is managing director at Xero UK. Under Gary’s leadership, Xero has become the multi-award winning global leader in online accounting software with more than 800,000 subscribers around the world. In his current role, Gary oversees Xero’s business interests across Europe, Middle East & Africa and has taken the company from a three-person startup with annual revenues of £50,000 to what will surpass 200 staff and £25M in revenues in 2017.

    Gary has previously held executive positions at Microsoft, Systems Union and Pegasus Software. He’s an engaging speaker, writer and thought-leader on start-ups, digital transformation and leadership inside hyper-growth organizations.

    In his interview with Hot Topics, as part of a series built in association with 360Leaders, he discusses the future of cloud accounting, his vision of reinventing the way we handle our finance and how the Fintech industry continues to evolve.



The future of cloud accounting, with Gary Turner of Xero