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Past event

  • The future of the digital workplace, with Linklaters CIO, Matt Peers

    Matt Peers is the Chief Information Officer at Linklaters and since May 2015, he has focused his time on the use of innovation and leading technology to serve Linklaters’ clients. Matt strives to close the gap between¬†the user experience in consumer and business environments.

    Before joining Linklaters, Matt was the Chief Information Officer for the UK and Switzerland at Deloitte. He started his career at Arthur Andersen, where he qualified as a chartered accountant and later was made Managing Director for IT at Carphone Warehouse with responsibility for all IT operations and services, vendor relations, development, architecture, security and IT strategy as well as Finance and HR Shared Services.

    As part of our series on the evolution of the CIO role, built in association with Computacenter, Matt will discuss with Hot Topics his thoughts on the increasing influence of the CIO on boardroom discussions and how he envisions the future of the digital workplace.