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  • Interview with: Dr. Helmuth Ludwig, CIO, Siemens

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    Dr. Helmuth Ludwig has served as Global Chief Information Officer at Siemens since October 2016, after years spent in a number of various roles at the company, including Chief Executive Officer. Helmuth now dedicates his time to a number of elements, namely supporting the business units as they systematically implement Industrie 4.0 technologies – thus shortening time-to-market while enhancing flexibility, quality and efficiency. He is focused on massively driving the digitalization of Siemens products and processes which have already achieved a high level of digitalization.

    Helmuth joined Siemens in 1990 after graduating college. He has worked in corporate regional strategy development for the company in multiple countries including Germany, Kazakhstan, Argentina and the United States. Prior to becoming CEO, he was the global head of communications for the company’s Industry Automation Division. When Siemens acquired PLM Software in 2007, Helmuth was appointed president and is credited for successfully leading the integration of the organization’s 50 legal entities and multiple facilities across 26 countries into Siemens by working with the management team to develop a long-term strategic direction.

    Helmuth sits down with Hot Topics to discuss the digital transformation process at Siemens, as part of our ‘Dont ‘Look’ Digital’ series, in association with TATA Communications.