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  • Interview with: Karl Hoods, CIO, Save the Children UK

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    Karl Hoods serves as CIO at Save the Children UK and has full responsibility for technology and digital functions within the UK. He is also a member of the global IT executive team and provides vision and strategy to ensure technology supports the charity in fulfilling its mission.

    Karl has been in this role since 2013 and so far has defined technology strategy to support all business functions including retail operations and overseen key progressive elements such as negotiating the global contract with Adobe for Marketing Cloud and implementing Oracle HCM globally to provide a common HR service across Save the Children.

    Prior to his role at Save the Children, Karl served in a number of technology based roles including CTO & Head of Central Service Management for Department of Education.

    Karl is in conversation with serial CIO and Hot Topics contributing editor, Bill Limond, in an interview that forms part of our ‘Making Digital Work’ series focused on how tech leaders are making digital work for their companies and employees, and some of the challenges they face. The series is run in partnership with Computacenter.