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  • Interview with: Rachel Murphy, Digital Delivery Director, NHS Digital

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    Rachel has served as Digital Delivery Director at NHS Digital since July 2016. In this innovative role, she leads the transformation program of all patient facing, self-care and prevention activities within the Paperless 2020 Programme in the NHS, a £270m digital transformation of all patient facing services across the NHS. Rachel is a dynamic leader with technical prowess, proven business acumen, and an exceptional record defining and executing strategy at the top level to deliver change, improve performance and ensure first-class digital/technology services and solutions for blue-chip organizations across multiple sectors.

    This includes previous roles such as CIO for Department of Education, CTO for The National Archives UK and nearly two years as Transformation Director for The Nursing and Midwifery Council.

    Rachel is in conversation with serial CIO and Hot Topics contributing editor, Bill Limond, in an interview brought to you as part of our Bullet Train Thinking series, run in association with Tanium.