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Past event

  • Hear from the Chief Digital Officer of The Co-Operative, Mike Bracken

    Mike Bracken was appointed Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of UK based, Co-operative group in August 2015.

    Having previously held the role of Executive Director of the Government Digital Service and the UK government’s Chief Data Officer, Mike Bracken brought with him a wealth of experience to the role.

    Mike was voted a member of Hot Topics’ Chief Digital Officer 100 for 2016 and this interview forms the latest part of the Qubit supported thought leadership series featuring those executives.

    The interview will consider the CDO role itself, the impact Mike has had on The Co-op Group during his first year at the company and what success ultimately looks like for its digital transformation.


The Co-Op's Chief Digital Officer, Mike Bracken, discusses how he is transforming the business digitally