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Past event

  • Live broadcast: I.T. and The Infinite Game Roundtable

    HotTopics.ht Contributing Editor Bianca Lopes leads a roundtable of IT executives to discuss the future of business transformation: continuous improvement.

    Iteration is now seen as a cornerstone of innovation now businesses have adopted many of the basic tenets of digital and data-based strategies. So, how should companies foster a culture of continuous improvement? And how do the leaders of this methodology, the CIOs, keep up with the technology landscape to ensure success within a test and learn and succeed mindset?

    Bianca Lopes is joined by John O’Donovan, Chief Architect, TalkTalk; Ian Cohen, Chief Information Officer, Addison Lee Group; Andy Bellamy, Chief Information Officer, Impellam Group; and Darren Norfolk, Managing Director EMEA, Rackspace.

    This roundtable is part of I.T. and The Infinite Game, a series brought to you by Rackspace.