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  • Lean marketing with Aegon’s CMO Mark Till

    Constant iteration – particularly in user experience – is the modus operandi of Mark Till, Aegon’s Chief Distribution and Marketing Officer.

    “You have to wake up every day thinking, in the next month how can I make my technology better?”

    In his interview with Hot Topics, in association with Syniverse, Mark Till discusses Aegon’s recent £140 million acquisition of Cofunds and his take on how marketing innovation has transformed the space for the better. Mark outlines how developing technology acquired, such as Cofunds, opens the door to new realms of opportunity for Aegon and offers him the tools to successfully transform Aegon’s marketing strategy.

    Led by Mark Choueke, former editor of Marketing Week, the two will share their wealth of experience on the industry. Mark is an experienced marketer and has held positions at Qubit and Freespee before becoming a contributing editor at Hot Topics.