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Past event

  • Tune in live to hear from Haggar Clothing’s CDO, Eve Richey

    In her role as CDO for Haggar Clothing Co., Eve Richey has overseen the company’s transformation in digital marketing, sales, product planning, site merchandising, fulfilment, and customer service to enable Haggar to become a recognised marketplace leader. Away from Haggar, Eve has also served as an Advisory Board member for two Fortune 500 consumer brands.

    In her live conversation with Hot Topics, Eve will share her experiences from over 15 years in digital, highlights of which have included; being amongst the first to buy Google ads, redesigning a multi-billion dollar website for SEO, leading the move to responsive design e-commerce, and convincing management that customers would purchase Dell laptops on an iPhone app.

Panel 1

Learn from the CDO of one of North America's clothing market leaders