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Sarah Speake: why CMOs need to be on the board

Sarah Speake: why CMOs need to be on the board

The rise of new media has paved the way for new technology and updated marketing tools. The outdated beliefs once held of marketers has been obliterated, gone are the stereotypes that marketers contribute to businesses in a two dimensional way.

Instead, tasked with crafting new, disruptive and highly valuable businesses, 21st century CMO’s possess the perfect blend of creativity, strategy and execution.

And it reflects in the changing CMO role. Research, insight and design are the bare minimum.

Digital disruption has certainly driven this shift. It means that CMO’s are more powerful and respected than ever before. Swarms of marketers are being appointed to sit on the boards of companies.

This changing CMO role reflects a deeper understanding by businesses of the connection between growth and customer satisfaction, and how marketing is instrumental to that process.

The second episode of the Hot Topics podcast will explore this fast changing phenomenon.

Interviewing the disruptive global thinkers and innovators as they share their thought leadership, our second episode is no different.

Hot Topics Editor, Tom Lytton-Dickie, sits down with Sarah Speake, ex-strategic marketing manager for Google and current CMO at one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising businesses- Clear Channel.

The prospect of speaking to any ex-Googler is always an interesting one.

So many questions come to mind about company culture, secret projects and whether the tales of having food stationed every 100 yards is fact or fiction. And whilst we still wonder whether or not this is true, Speake told us the biggest lesson learnt from Google was “to fail fast”.

Now in charge of the exorbitant marketing budget of a company controlling over 60,000 advertising sites across the UK- perhaps it’s an aphorism we can all commit to memory.

To learn from Sarah Speake about the changing CMO role, take a listen to this week’s edition of the Hot Topics podcast.

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