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Rob Norman

Rob Norman: what’s next for marketers?

Rob Norman: what’s next for marketers?

The power of marketing on business is undeniable, and it’s become more essential and resource-rich than ever before.

In today’s digital world, marketers play the part of creating and sustaining long-lasting relationships with the most important asset of any business, the customer.

Combine this with the increased proliferation of smartphone usage that’s created an always-on world, where online functionality has generated a sense of entitlement to fast, simple and efficient experiences: and modern day marketers have a challenge to contend with that has never been seen before.

It has meant the very nature of marketing itself has had to change- data, digital, social, mobile, analytics and real-time agility are just a small part of the modern day marketers lexicon.

The increased power of marketing has meant that CMO’s are taking their seats on the boards whilst playing an increasingly critical role to day-to-day operations, ensuring the voice of the customer guides decision making.

And with so much change taking place, the perplexed question being asked by hordes of marketers is what now?

To plan the next move, marketers need to get to grips with the direction that marketing is heading.

“The real story” begins Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer at WPP’s largest subsidiary, GroupM “is that the world has gone from channels to sites, to apps and not from broadcast to desktop, to mobile.”

As CDO, Norman oversees the activities of the world’s largest buyer of online media with more than $5bn in billings. His role is to develop digital capabilities within GroupM while establishing thought leadership in the digital space.

Continuing our interviews with the world’s disruptive global thinkers and innovators, we are focusing on the direction marketing is heading next.

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