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David Brown: views on failure, entrepreneurship and progress

David Brown: views on failure, entrepreneurship and progress

In recent years, the changing entrepreneurial ecosystem has been among the fastest growing area of economic and business interest in the world.

Tasked with creating new, disruptive and highly valuable businesses, today’s entrepreneurs are the modern day evangelists of change.

In this new weekly series, the Hot Topics podcast will explore this fast moving phenomenon. Getting under the skin of the disruptive global thinkers and innovators as they share their thought leadership.

Kicking off from Hot Topics HQ, 4 time entrepreneur of the year, author, composer and current CEO of Ve Interactive, David J Brown.

At the reins of a company serving 6,000 clients in 19 languages and operating out of 19 different locations worldwide,  David J Brown has seen it all.

Hot Topics Editor, Tom Lytton-Dickie, sits down with Brown in episode one to discuss the changing entrepreneurial ecosystem globally, where he lends a refreshing, eye opening view on innovation, failure and how to maintain progress when things get tough.

Brown suggests that to brandish yourself an entrepreneur, you need more than just the big idea.

Lured by the bright lights, budding entrepreneurs dedicate countless hours to meticulous business plans, believing innovation will be enough to give them the kind of valuation that’s become all too common.

There is, however, one stumbling block in particular that differentiates the success and failure of an idea. Execution.

“Innovation is important, but it doesn’t define how a business can grow.”

You can have the best idea in the world, but with poor execution and implementation, innovation becomes one of those dud corporate buzzwords far removed from its original definition.

Execution done right is an incredibly disciplined process. A logical set of connected milestones that contribute to making a business strategy successful.

The great entrepreneurs, explains Brown, execute their plans to a tee.

For more insight from David J Brown on the changing entrepreneurial ecosystem, take a listen to this week’s edition of the Hot Topics podcast.

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