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Rob Norman

Rob Norman defines the role of the Chief Digital officer

Rob Norman defines the role of the Chief Digital officer

Consider this. In the coming years, robots, automated computer-controlled machines that operate with humanlike skill, will become increasingly central to manufacturing.

For the iPhone alone, over a million robots will be deployed to increase production efforts. These robots will be able to work 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

And if a $250,000 robot can replace 2 employees, each making $50,000 a year, these robots could represent a saving of $3.5m in labour during its lifespan.

And that’s just one robot.

The implications of these new technologies will be felt across every aspect of the economy. From the poorest corners of the earth, to high tech industry, to menial labour, businesses and societies worldwide are set for change.

But labour market transformation is nothing new, technology has always re-shaped employment.

Newly formed job titles are representative of the changing world itself.

One of these newly formed job titles has been rapidly growing. Doubling year on year between 2005 and 2013: the Chief Digital Officer. By the end of 2015, 25% of all businesses are expected to have one.

And their role is to understand the newest ways of engaging with customers across a multiplicity of channels.

Businesses strategies and consumer experiences must increasingly be seamlessly interwoven across mobile, social, local, as well as staying on top any innovation that may be just around the corner.

Walking us through the role is Rob Norman, the Chief Digital officer of GroupM (one of the largest WPP subsidary’s) and one of the most respected figures in the media industry.

Describing his role as putting his face in front of people’s fists when things go wrong, Norman goes “wherever viewer attention or consumption goes”.

His work helps ensure that GroupM are “ready to create infrastructure and ideas to execute on new infrastructure in order to find opportunity.”

To hear more about the Chief Digital Officer role, and to learn about the influence digital has had on media, take a listen to this week’s edition of the podcast.

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