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Ben Hookway: how the language data stopping criminals sells products

Ben Hookway: how the language data stopping criminals sells products

There’s an untapped goldmine that could prove to be one of the most important sources of consumer information of the 21st century.


The vehicle that expresses our fears, desires and feelings, we speak an average of 15,000 words a day.

Every single one contributes to others perception of us.

As more head to the virtual world, the deep learning behind the most powerful search engines accelerates to unthinkable levels of complexity; the words we type are painting a powerful picture of us.

Every comment, tweet and search query was all impossible to quantify until now.

In this third episode of the Hot Topics podcast, continuing our interviews with the world’s disruptive global thinkers and innovators, we are focusing on advanced language analysis.

I sat down with Ben Hookway, CEO of one of the world’s leading advanced language analysis platforms, to discuss the role Relative Insight is set to have on transforming the marketing efforts of global brands.

10 years in the making, the technology was born in the well-respected cybersecurity department of Lancaster University in the UK.

It was initially developed to aid government and law enforcement agencies in tracking down elusive criminals.

Realizing the potential goldmine, Hookway created Relative Insight as an independent entity.

Hookway wants to show marketers where they’re going wrong by disrupting the subjectivity surrounding traditional marketing.

The plan, essentially, is to remove the guess work from campaigns, by providing sophisticated evidence-based analysis of the language used by both businesses and consumers.

“The thing about language, just like in the real world- is that if you mirror someone’s communication style…they are far more likely to engage with you. This is also very much true in the virtual world too”

To learn from Ben Hookway about how advanced language analysis is set to transform marketing, take a listen to this week’s edition of the Hot Topics podcast.

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